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Introducing the All In Package for our Lowest Price Ever
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The All New Dex All In Package includes EVERYTHING we have....DDS Signals, Dex AtomiX, Xedan System, and access to the Discord chat rooms.  All for one low monthly price of $97

Sorry our FREE system is no longer available

Dex Atomic

This is the Beginning of it all. With easy to use Support and resistance program and a simple moving average Dex Atomic is your introduction to Trading.

Everything below is included in the all new Dex All In Package

Dex AtomiX
Semi Auto with attachments
With on-Board Back testing  you can change variables on the fly to get the best success rates and sculpt your trading life.  Also has the ability for alerts and attachment to the XEDAN
Three Trading Add Ons
All Made To Enhance Your Success
Dex Delta Signals
Add on to any System Above

We have used our own tools to make signals that we have back tested and forward tested and we use ourselves. With many signals available our success is your success.

Xedan Semi Auto
Semi Auto

Use your own signals or use ours either way. This beautiful piece of software can attach directly to nadex, then one simple button push away for the signals to be placed into a  trade .

Xedan Fully Auto
Full auitomatic 

With the trust and security of your signals or ours. You can have your trades be placed automatically on the exchange. There are limited amount of licenses available here.

With Some of the most Powerful Trading Support Systems in the Industry
Easy to Follow Training
Our videos are short and sweet and ready for you to be able to watch over and over if need be. You will see practical trading as well as plenty of live trading by the owners.
Primarily Using the One Hour Statements on Nadex
This charting process teaches you how to look at dynamic Support and resistance and what statements to purchase on NADEX
Lots of Proof in the Pudding as well
We have so many trades being done and show you the journals and the trasnparency of real trades with real money being done.
Follow along and make your own results as well

Here is an Up Close and Personal Look at the Xedan System
Designed so that even novice traders can begin using it right away!
Simple and Easy to Use User Interface (UI)
Along with the video training that comes inside the Member Portal, the user interface is easy to use and totally customizable depending on your strategy! You can set many variables and it's all outlined in simple, few minute long video's anyone can follow!
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Set Your Strategies with Ease
While it is true that the bot uses signals from the different signal sets on Dex Fx Markets, Each version is 100% Customizable Including choosing which pairs to trade down to the hour, how much to set the buy and sell prices at and how many contracts to place on each!
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Includes Training and the Nadex Package with the Data Processing Center and Much More!
The original Nadex Package on Dex Fx Markets (a $127 a month value) is included! You get Everything from all the signal sets, to all the training, indicators, strategies and super massive video library that has made Dex a recognizable brand!
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It's highly reviewed with systems from The Dex Brand
Over 6 years of building the Dex Brand has been combined to build one super site..Signals, Indicators, Trading Systems, Nadex Training, Nadex and Forex Bots and much more!
Charting Systems all online ready for your trades
Api granted Charts made with our Proprietary Indicators and an 
On Chart Strategy
Hundreds of Signals a Day with massive training onboard
6 years of signals and over 75,000 signals fired. 100's of Nadex Signals Fire Each Day out of 7 Major Signal Sets including 2 Nadex 5 min Signal Sets  AND 2 Daily Nadex Signal Sets and several Intraday Signals!